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List of unusual words beginning with L Brief definitions of obscure words starting with the letter L. Kefir – , the free encyclopedia Kefir, keefir, or kephir alternatively milk kefir, or blgaros, is a fermented milk drink made with.

Etymology – , the free encyclopedia Etymological theory recognizes that words originate through a limited number of basic mechanisms, the most important of. Lyophilic definition of lyophilic by Medical dictionary Meaning of lyophilic medical term. Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins – Oxford Reference A treasure (from the Greek thesauros, treasure, store or storehouse) trove (past participle of an Anglo-Norman verb meaning to find ) of verbal wonders. Thanks to the dirty impulses of our.


Lyophilized – definition of lyophilized by The Free Dictionary Define lyophilized. The Dirty Etymology of 9 Everyday Words Mental Floss Aug 24, 2012. Lyophilized – Memidex dictionarythesaurus lyophilized definitions: to dry (blood, serum, or tissue) by freezing in a high vacuum of tissue, blood, serum.

It is the study of the origins of words how they evolved. Word and Phrase Origins This guide is designed for anyone who is looking for the origin of words andor phrases, also called etymology (these terms will be used interchangeably in this). Etymology: Gk, lyein, to dissolve, philein, to love. The word kefir, existing in the Russian language since at least 1884, is probably of North Caucasian origin. 1600 it still is retained by many writers before unaccented syllables in h- or (e)u.

AlphaDictionary Glossary of Folk Etymology: Funny Word Histories A glossary of English folk etymology-foreign words changed to native words by analogy. Online Etymology Dictionary History and evolution of more than 30000 words, including slang and technical terms. English words prefixed with lyo- English words suffixed with -ization English words suffixed with. Lyophilization – Wiktionary 1.1 Alternative forms 1.2 Etymology 1.3 Noun.

Lyophilized synonyms, lyophilized pronunciation, lyophilized translation, English. The word etymology is derived from the Greek etumos which means real or true. Have you ever noticed that many of our curse words sound like German ones but not like French ones?

Devoted to etymology of common words and slang phrases. Lyophilize – definition of lyophilize in English from the Oxford dictionary Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English. Lyophilization Define Lyophilization at m Lyophilization definition, (of tissue, blood, serum, or the like) to dry by freezing in a high. Freeze-drying the removal of moisture from a frozen material using vacuum quottions.

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Within our lexicon lives a library of forgotten stories, developed over centuries and tucked away in words. Sometimes the words come by way of French words which originally came from Latin, and sometimes the. What do you find interesting about this word or phrase?

Freeze-dry (a substance the resulting precipitate was dissolved in benzene and lyophilized to give a powder. What s the meaning of all this?

Lookups increased 2600 after Cruz used the word to announce his running mate. To dry (blood, serum, tissue, etc) by freezing in a high vacuum freeze dry (14 of 180 words, pronunciations). Swear words, etymology, and the history of English OxfordWords blog Jun 17, 2015. Word Article Starts with Ends with.

Lyophilize Definition of Lyophilize by Merriam-Webster Define lyophilize: freeze-drylyophilize in a sentence. Let s look at the origins of several.

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