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Koldkiss Comparison Chart – Snow Cone Syrup Each 8.35 1 Liter bottle of Concentrate yields 16 gallons of Prepared Syrup (2oz of. M 1.99 per Prepared Gallon (more with optional). Pail Compared to a traditional snow cone with a crunchy consistency, a snowball features ice that has been more finely-shaved. Get in on the fun via our Koldkiss Snowball Flavor Naming Contest page. In Maryland over 100 years ago, Google: the History of the. Koldkiss in Baltimore makes the classic syrups.

Snow Cone Syrup At Koldkiss, we manufacture our own Snow Cone Syrup and Snow Cone. Our snow cone syrup can be used either for snow cones, shaved ice or snowballs. The Snowball: A Baltimore Summer Classic Serious Eats.

Koldkiss Marshmallow Ready to Use Snowball Topping – 11 lb. Pail

Koldkiss in Baltimore, MD 1149 Watson St, Baltimore, MD

Learn about upcoming events and stay connected with The Koldkiss. Snow Cone Syrup Source for Snow Cone Syrup and supplies at the discount prices.

Of snow cone supplies and built like a brick house Koldkiss snow shaver machine. We sell over 100 different snowball flavors and snow cone syrups.

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Koldkiss – Facebook Koldkiss is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of ice shavers and syrups in the USA. Don t miss Skylite and Tiger s Blood. Koldkiss, but the owners mix and match the syrups to create. Koldkiss Marshmallow Ready to Use Snowball Topping – 11 lb.

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The Snowball: A Baltimore Summer Classic Serious Eats

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